We sell a wide range of generators from 5kva - 3500kva. Our generators come from top quality brands such as Aksa, Perkins, Cummins etc. We sell from portable generators to high capacity generators that can fit for any purpose.


We sell generator pats such as alternator and others. A generator alternator is the heart of the generator. The alternator also referred to as ‘genhead’ is that part of a generator that produces electrical energy from the mechanical energy supplied to it by the engine. An alternator comprises a stator -- a stationary component -- and a rotor -- a moving component. When both the components work together a relative movement between the magnetic and electric fields is generated which in turn produces electricity.

Automatic Transfer Switches (ATS)

An automatic transfer switch (ATS) is a self-acting, intelligent power switching device governed by the dedicated control logic. The main function of an ATS is to ensure that electric power is delivered continuously from one of two power sources to a connected load circuit (electrical equipment such as lights

Lightining Towers

Our Lighting towers come with uniqueness, the most reliable components, with built-in features that ensures maximum light output on your work platform and optimum productivity.

Electrical Welding Equipment

Electric welding machines use an electrical current to produce high amounts of heat to melt and fuse metal components. Productivity will go high as this equipment can help you to perform your welding job faster and easier. We have quality and affordable EWEs in stock. Reach out to us now!