Our range of generators start from 5kva - 2500kva
Yes we have diesel generators that can be used for commercial and even for residential use  
Yes we do accept......Kindly do all bookings via our website by clicking on CONTACT US button. You can also book through our active emails.
Yes we do, we rent all sizes of generators for all events
Your choice or size of generator will depends on the purpose and sometimes the space
Knowing where to position the generator is an important factor to consider. We take a look at some of the factors to think about when placing the generator.
To reduce the installation cost it is better to position the generator as close as possible to the circuit board to reduce the amount of copper cable required. The further the generator is installed from the board the more expensive the installation will become. The generator can be positioned inside or outside but it is very important that there is adequate ventilation to ensure good air flow and circulation. There also needs to be sufficient space to open the doors for the servicing of the generator. (Approximately 1metre on either side of the generator set).